FEDERTEC represents the entire production chain of the Italian industry of Mechatronic Technologies and Components for Fluid Power, Power Transmission, Smart Automation and Control of Industrial Products and Processes.

The Federation was created in 2019 from the merger of:

    Italian Association of Gears and Transmission Elements Manufacturers.
    Italian Association of Manufacturing and Trading Companies in Fluid Power Equipment and Components.

From April 2022, FNDI (Italian Federation of Industrial Distribution) was also incorporated into FEDERTEC, thus adding a new player to the chain of technologies.


The member companies of FEDERTEC represent a leading part of the Italian economy and together, they show very remarkable values, with a global sector turnover exceeding 14 billion euro and a national market value of 10 billion euro at the end of 2022.

Over 60% of Italian production is exported, corresponding to an amount of 8.7 billion euro, with a significant contribution to the trade balance of the sector, recorded a positive value of 3.8 billion euro.

To have a more accurate view of FEDERTEC figures, these performances that are already outstanding should be added to those of the entire production chain using technologies other than mechanical and fluid -power ones – among which, first of all, electronic and IT technologies – to manufacture Components and Mechatronic Systems for Power and Motion Transmission and Control and, more in general, for the Automation of Industrial Products and Processes. The estimated value of the turnover registered by the Italian industry of this macro-sector is over 50 billion euro.

The average profitability is high among FEDERTEC members and even more among small-sized and micro enterprises.

The trend of profitability is on the rise and the use of new technologies contributes to optimising production and final costs.


The target fields for the activities of FEDERTEC are various: 15% of the total is covered by Industry (iron and steel, material handling, logistics), the main customer, followed by Agricultural Machinery (14%), Packaging and Earth-Moving Machines (both at 13%), other Capital Goods (10%) and Automotive (6%). Looking to the future, Energy is considered the most interesting field, followed by Automotive, but also the world of Pharmaceuticals and that of Life Science show encouraging prospects.

Sixty-two percent of FEDERTEC members are already working within the Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, whereas 20% of them are in the planning stage and 59% have an in-house Research & Development Department. The average expenditure on R&D activities amounts to less than 2% of their turnover for 21% of FEDERTEC members and between 2 and 5% of their turnover for 37% of them.