In compliance with the European Education and Training Programme of CETOP (European Fluid Power Committee), ASSOFLUID/FEDERTEC is working in close cooperation with education and training institutes, with the common aim of promoting “competence-based qualifications”, in order to synergically match education and training offering with the companies’ needs and provide a qualification to trained employees, both in Italy and abroad.

For further information about the purposes of the project and its implementation lines in Europe, it is possible to read the RE 2000/01 and RE 2000/02 Recommendations.

A good education and training is a patrimony that professionally qualifies the sector of reference, as well as the education and training institutes and the professionals themselves in the world of global work.

ASSOFLUID/FEDERTEC has thus implemented the European recommendations in Italy, which identify different levels, from 1 to 3, (in increasing degree) of education and training standards for industrial and mobile fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics); specific recommendations identify the skills intended to be achieved for each level, the detailed structure of the didactic programme and the required exercises.

After defining the guidelines, the qualification of education and training centres with appropriate CETOP certification also becomes essential, as it will allow the same institutes to be able to certify, along with ASSOFLUID/FEDERTEC, the education and training achieved by each single candidate.

The institutes wishing to verify the possibility of becoming certified bodies should, first of all, evaluate the adequacy of their education and training programmes with the proposed standards and then carry out a preliminary self-evaluation of their facilities and their basic laboratory equipment.

In this connection, a practical guide is provided by the RE 2005.01/H-P Recommendation, by the operating procedure AFL.01/2005 that evaluates the organisation of a facility, and by the operating procedure AFL.02/2005 that specifies laboratory instruments. Institutes should not be discouraged if they do not fully comply, but intend to get closer to the standards progressively.

Our wish is to promote enterprises, education and training institutes and bodies, as well as candidates that understand the importance of achieving competence-based excellence in any fields, in order to strengthen and/or develop their professional positions.

For further information: FEDERTEC Secretariat; Tel. +39 02-29010411