About us

ASSOFLUID is the Italian Association of Manufacturing and Trading Companies in Fluid Power Equipment and Components.

In the 50s, several companies of the sector started a cooperation and then participated in the establishment of CETOP – European Fluid Power Committee – in 1962.

About six years later, in February 1968, these companies decided to join forces and founded an Association, ASSOFLUID.

With a national production of over 4.7 billion euro and a national market of about 2.8 billion euro, the Italian Fluid Power Industry ranks fifth worldwide, after the USA, China, Germany and Japan, with a total number of employees exceeding 26,000 units.

The member companies of ASSOFLUID stand out as the best ones in the industry of the sector. Today, more than ever, they export their products all over the world, accounting for 66% of the total exported Italian products.

In accordance with the guidelines and coordination directions of FEDERTEC, ASSOFLUID has the aim of protecting and promoting the technical and economic interests of the entire production chain of the fluid power sector.