FEDERTEC organises and proposes courses of commercial and technical education and training, specifically focused on the sector, developed in cooperation with expert teachers from the academic and industrial world and with qualified consultants, in order to help face the daily challenges of the market in the best way.

“Basic hydraulics course

The objective of the course is to provide basic training to those approaching hydraulics for the first time and is aimed at technical personnel of plant design.

Sell and communicate”

The cours covers the following topics:

  • Strengthen communication effectiveness in the approach, analysis, listening and guidance phases
  • Manage the telephone relationship amd the video call
  • Customize the solutions offered to the customer, so that they are perceived as ideal for
  • Knowing how to be incisive in the final phase of the negotiation

Basic course on geometrical control

In collaboration with Carl Zeiss

Training course for technicians and designers, who need basic information on the geometrical control of gear teeth and is aimed in particular at all those who intend to deepen their knowledge on the quality of gears and their certification. 

“Lo shot peening and residual stress”

In collaboration with Peen Service

The training course introduce and deepens theworld of shot peening or shot peening and residual stresses.

Additive Manufacturing in Fluid and Mechanical Power Transmission

In collaboration with Aidro Srl

The training course is designed as introduction to metal additive manufacturing technologies focused on application in the field of fluid and mechanical power transmission.

“Teeth grinding”

In collaboration with Tyrolit.

The training course is structured to accompany participants on a path aimed at increasing mastery of tooth grinding processes.

“Buy machining at target price”

The objectives are: Know the quantitative factors and cost parameters that contribute to determining the purchase price of machining operations
– Use the most advanced techniques for analysing the cost drivers of machining supplies, in order to be able to better manage them
– Familiarise yourself with the techniques for analysing the cost drivers of supplies

“Complete measurement of rototranslating components and gears, including roughness – All in One Course”

In collaboration withn Klingelnberg Italiana

The trainign course is designed to improve the preparation of engineers, mechanical designers and quality specialists on the complete measurement of gears and rotating components in all its complex forms.

The ABC of gear 

It will be a  journey into the world of gearing, starting from the terminology and symbolism used to define a gear wheel element, through to the possibility of calculation and verification.

“From design to complete bevel gear production”

In collaboration with Klingelnberg Italiana

thanks to application examples, specialists in the field will have a thorough grounding in bevel gearing and all its issues.

 “Sealing systems” 

In collaboration with FRIDLE

The training course is aimed at technicians, operators, maintenance personnel and designers working in all production companies.

 “Basic course on pneumatics and electropneumatics” 

The training course aims to provide basic knowledge of pneumatics and electropneumatics components as well as their application in industry.

 “Cast Iron Foundries – Casting Terminology and Process” 

In collaboration with Fonderie Mora

The trainign course is aimed at new company personnel and sales staff dedicated to the sale of cast iron castings. A visit to the foundry is also planned.

“From design to complete spur gear production”

In collaboration with Klingelnberg Italiana

At the end of the course, thanks to application examples, specialists in the field will have an in-depth knowledge of cylindrical gears and all their topics.

“Training course for sales technicians”

The course is dedicated to all companies that produce components and systems in the sector whether on order or by catalogue, and offers a wide range of tips and recommendations based on practical experience in the field

“The cleaning of components”

In collaboration with UNILAB

The course, to be held on 22 and 23 February 2022, introduces the topic of industrial contamination by explaining the concept of contaminants in the business environment.

“Filtration in hydraulic systems”

In collaboration with Filtrec

The training course provides the basics of correct filtration in hydraulic systems.

“The machining of cylindrical gears”

The trainign course  is particularly suitable for designers and production operators in the industry, is of a basic nature and is aimed at anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of gear machining technologies.

“Hardness and heat treatment control”

In collaboration with CISAM.

During the course, the basics of the relevance of the topic of hardness in the mechanical engineering industry will be provided,

“Application of PVD and PACVD coatings in the automotive sector

In collaboration with  STS

This course aims to lay the theoretical foundations for surface treatments, understand how they are made, how they have evolved over time and understand the mechanisms of wear and tear.

“Tools and techniques for improving overall plant efficiency (O.E.E.)”

The course addresses how to manage and improve plant/line performance, analysing all available tools and methods to improve line/plant performance.

“Negotiating profitably” 

The course is aimed at purchasing professionals who wish to develop and improve their negotiation skills and techniques in purchasing negotiations.